Truth and Dare

How do I battle the memories
I cannot recall?
How do I step into the pain
of having no words when I
hit that brick wall?

The effects of what happened
are so apparent and real,
but without the words
how the hell does it heal?

The tears come for no obvious reason
at some random time
or the changing of season.

Society labels me ungrateful
for daring to speak,
but telling the truth
doesn't make me hateful or weak.

I'm acknowledging the child
I was born to be
because my adoption ain't about you ...
it's about ME!

So if you love me
then you have to share
not just the good times,
but also the despair.

Because real love is unconditional,
honest, and kind,
you gotta let me be me
in this moment of time.

And just when you think
it's all worked out,
along comes another wordless memory
bringing shame and self doubt.

So gather me close,
but only if you dare
to help carry the burden
adoption gave me to bear.

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